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Zaak's age

He's 14 when he falls into the Well Of Yore

Why Zaak fell in this well ?

Because he likes to do things that does not follow good advice. An elderly man told him not to play too close because people that fell there in the years before never came back ! He just laughed and approached the well anyway.

What is the EBS system ?

It means: E-Learning Battle System, a simple idea David Deschenes had back in 2001 for his 3D engine he was programming called 'Decoy3D' for this video game. He has other ideas that he would like to get done. Maybe with revenues from this game and hiring some of the graduates from the Desgraff Institute, he will 😉

Md Djolet

A cool old lady that knows all most every story in her neighborhood. The word Djolet is in Haitian Creole, meaning: talks too much.

Ionix crystals

Well what replaces skills and magic casts are ionix crystals combined with armor and your brain EBS scoring. Special moves can be done through X+y X+a and X+b on the game control to make special attacks on the creatures.