The Well of Yore RPG

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The Well of Yore RPG is a classic simple fantastic role-playing game aimed at the general audience and international market. This game will make you experience the adventures of a courageous young teenager through 5 mazes until he finally finds freedom. Zaak, the hero would not listen to the elders of his village concerning approaching that old well; The Well Of Yore. Many times he was told that he might fall and never come back like some of his ancestors. But, will Zaak listen ?


Features :

  • 5 giant levels filled with dungeons, treasures, monsters and open spaces with a lot of important characters to meet and help through enjoyable quests.
  • 5 save games slots available… just in case 🙂
  • Story-line, species and Characters are well developed serves has a foretold of the upcoming mmo World Of Iona.
  • This games atmosphere takes the best of game-play seen in RPGs from the 80s and 90s merged with modern game play and wide areas.
  • Different game-play traditional spells are replaced with combinations of ionix crystals and special armor and weapons.
  • Similar to old school RPGs, this game is a average 70+ hours of gameplay.
  • Message to parents : There is no blood/gore in this game.

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