The well of Yore – Walkthrough

The walk-through section!  

Here is a quick rundown of the 5 huge levels you will find in the Legends Of Iona RPG. Also, we will put pretty loading screens in the series of pictures since they sum’s up the atmosphere of each level.


Zaak is a bold and inexperience young-ling playing near the cemetery of his village. Resisting good advice from the village elder’s, to stay away from the old well where people never come back, he finds himself falling down in The Well Of Yore. This is where he will learn to be more mature and courageous and if he put in continuous efforts he might get out back to the surface has a hero, mastering Ionix crystals. by this time, you might be sharper with your knowledge thanks to the cultural e-learning battle system (Can be turned off at any time) :


Level 1 – The community of the Well, this is the first time Zaak realizes that people live under that forgotten well. Pay attention to all the guests !


Level 2 – The stockades, you need to help trapped humans from the bots and many dangers. By gaining the trust of the people of the stockades, they will help you further in your quest.


Level 3 – The lakes, very cool jungle nature style level. You need to find Emma, conquer 3 dungeons and beat the Mother Drawind.

The Well of Yore_2016-06-23_13-47-21




Level 4 – Domain of the Walkies, nice oriental music and a huge city to search for the hidden treasures and quests. Find a charismatic friend called Md Djolet.


Level 5 – Ancient World.

In this scene Zaak will eventually fight the big boss ! Can you beat him ?

The big boss! You need full armor and all 5 Ionix crystals to beat him and escape. If your good has you think you are, maybe you’ll be able to get out to the surface? We will see…

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