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Your encouragement is so important for a independent studio. Especially since, some of the creativity was done trough teachers and students from two digital art schools named DESGRAFF institute.

The modest studio linked to the game is called : Desgraff Studio, situated in Quebec (Canada). Preferably, the revenues from sales would go into hiring past students to build other video games !  If you want to encourage us, go ahead an purchase a genuine copy of the role playing video game called Legends Of Iona RPG the well of Yore.  Thank you for your support in this job creating story.


“This game has a great future, Ive tried a Beta version and I all ready know this is a big winner.”  -Jonathan, Visitor, Montreal Comiccon

“At last a geek game I like ! I am so happy to see this game out !” – Luduc, Youtube Channel

“Here is the proof that Studio Desgraff stands out with this jewel ! ”  – Alain Rivards SeniorFX (StarTrek, BattleStar Gallactica)

“I am impressed by the graphics and the extent of the game. Me and my family will enjoy ! ” Martin L. CEO, Ray FX

Grab your copy of the Legends Of Iona RPG here !